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If you see that a development is “red certified” it means the developer has agreed to our code of conduct. It doesn’t amount to a legal guarantee, but it does have teeth. Our recourse is to revoke this certification when developers violate our code. Pulling the certification will serve as a useful “buyer beware” warning to others.

If you register with redguide and later have a problem, we can go to bat for you with de-certification as our stick. It’s better than going to court in Mexico …

This is the basis for our red certification:

(a) Full disclosure of any information relevant to make an informed purchase/rental decision.

(b) Commitment to honor any contract, covenant, or promise made to prospective clients.

(c) No discrimination due to sex, religion, age, nationality, or sexual preferences.

(d) Commitment to make best efforts to avoid disputes with redguide users, and to make best efforts to resolve any such disputes by means of negotiation, in which a mediator from redguide may participate.

(e) To provide redguide and its users with information that is complete, accurate, and truthful, and to immediately correct any information furnished to redguide or its users as soon as it is deemed incorrect or incomplete.

(f) To make best efforts to use ecological practices in the construction, design, finishings, and operation of its developments.

(g) Not to post, or induce others to post, user comments under false pretenses.